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How to Make Genuine Money With Google AdSense and ClickBank

Google AdSense is a targeted advertisement program for website publishers, which pays based on clicks and impressions. ClickBank is an affiliate program that pays out prescribed commissions for product sales. Making money with a website that is monetized through Google AdSense and ClickBank is not an easy task. You may only receive a few clicks or product commissions for every thousand website visitors you get. However, the payoff is excellent with royalties as high as 70 percent. If your website is successful, it generates a lot of passive income.

Sign up as a publisher for Google AdSense and ClickBank. Aspiring Google AdSense publishers may find it challenging to get into the program, especially if they are living in a non English-speaking country. It may take anywhere from days or months to be accepted to (or rejected from) the program. ClickBank's registration process contrasts heavily with AdSense's, because anyone can be accepted almost instantly into the affiliate program.

Decide upon products to sell, which is also what the website should be geared toward. ClickBank products about solar powered wind panels don't sell very well on websites about cat food. Google AdSense ads about basket weaving don't pay as much as ads about the newest consumer electronics. For ClickBank, make sure the website is at least a little bit related to products being recommended. For AdSense, ensure the site's keywords translate into high paying clicks.

10 Hobbies that Make Money

Everyone wants to earn extra money, whether it is so they can go that exotic vacation or to buy a second car, there are many ways that people make money just from their hobbies alone. There are many hobbies that can people can turn into a worthwhile and profitable and business. Not all hobbies can be profitable but there are some that can really make the money roll in. Listed below are the top ten hobbies that can give you the chance to earn extra money.
10. Shopping
Who doesn’t love to shop and what is more fun than turning your love of shopping into a job that enables you to earn money instead of spending it. If you have an eye for fashion and can shop both while on a budget and with unlimited amounts of money then you may be interested in becoming a personal shopper. The job of a personal shopper mostly involves picking and buying clothes for people who are unable to do it for themselves.

How to Make Money from Home Posting Links With No Out of Pocket Expense

Many people are earning money working from home just posting Money making adsense links on a blog, a website, or on well organized Social network marketing websites. Anyone can earn substantial income by knowing what to do, where to do it, and how to do it. This article is designed around the Know How concepts to help people without that knowledge set up their Blogs or Websites to start learning how to make money from home posting links.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
A blog
a Website
Internet connection
An Adsense Account
Relevant Website content

Adsense for Feeds – I’m panicking, but don’t panic.

I signed up for the conversion of my feed to Adsense for Feeds a little while back and finally got my notice yesterday that it was ready to go -


As you requested, we have moved your feeds from your FeedBurner account to your — Google Account.

Nice! I thought…

Until I noticed a RSS subscriber drop of around 6-700 today!

Protect your WordPress blog content with RSS Footer

Every blogger who has been around in the blogging scene for at least a while will know of this scenario. You spend ages preparing and writing a blog post, making it as useful and informative as possible. You throw in links and screenshots and you’re feeling good. You finally hit the publish button and watch it hit the front page of your blog. You’re high-fiving the dog and feeling proud of your creation…..then a scraper promptly steals your post and uses it themselves.

Google advertises on Facebook – so what?

There’s a piece on VentureBeat about how Google is doing “an end-run” around Microsoft’s advertising deal with Facebook, by placing Adsense ads on the popular social networking site. But my initial reaction to the news is “so what?”.

pinoy movies - filipino movies Microsoft and Facebook recently signed a deal which places Microsoft Ad Center links on Facebook so some might see Google’s Adsense ads also being there as being just a bit on the cheeky side.

YouTube with AdSense for publishers

This is pretty interesting, Google is now offering YouTube publishers a video player with AdSense embedded. I could really use something like this if they provide the ability select which videos will play.

You heard it hear first, get ready for a hole new slew of spam – MFYA ! (MFYA= Made for YouTube AdSense)

Interesting the RRW mentioned this was coming just last month.

More on the new YouTube/AdSense:

AdSense Policy Lecture series begins

The Google AdSense team seems to be in a ‘lecturer’ mode as today, they begin a series of posts that will focus and discuss on the various AdSense policies we need to know and follow but always seems to forget and neglect, unintentionally.

They say that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you earn a lot from AdSense and would like to keep it at that way, making sure your account doesn’t get banned would be among your top priorities.

“Instant Messaging” Through Google AdWords And AdSense

I knew instant messaging was hot these days (they say it’s the new email!), and I knew that there are a lot of innovative ways you could send IM’s–(through Web IM clients, mobile devices, and even mobile phones). But this has got to be the one most interesting way to send instant messages: by Google AdWords and AdSense!

It’s not your usual private instant messaging. It’s AdWords/AdSense, after all, so it’s public. I first encountered this strange way of sending messages, so to speak, on Darren Rowse’s Some posts had big “I love Darren Rowse” messages on them.

AdSense Updates Rules. Other Targeted Ads Now Allowed!

You may have heard from AdSense-related blogs that Google has updated its AdSense terms of service, and there have been some drastic changes. While the modifications were not that obvious at first, some observers were keen to point out that these changes were in fact major, and that publishers should watch out, lest they suddenly find their accounts suspended. For instance, points out some details here.

There are various points, but let’s focus on those that might be of urgent concern.

First, AdSense has more stringent rules against sites that infringe on copyright.

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