Free Intraday Tips for the Stock Market

Day traders rely on intraday information to inform their trades. While strategies widely vary among traders, many participants look at similar indicators. Developing your own successful trading method is a tall challenge, but you can easily learn some basic techniques. These tips should improve your experience and may provide the missing link in your trading strategy.
Seek Intraday Trends

Online Stock Tips

Traditional stock investing requires placing orders through a stock broker who charges a fee or commission in exchange for trades and investment advice. The Internet gives investors access to several online stock brokerage services, such as E-Trade, ShareBuilder and Scottrade, which allow investors to buy and sell stocks with minimal fees.
Research Before Investing

How to Buy Stocks

Buying stock in a company is relatively easy once you've researched the stocks you're interested in and have a broker or brokerage account to handle your purchase. Choose your stocks with care and research before you buy anything, but keep in mind that the stock market could crash at any time for numerous reasons.


Educate yourself fully about stocks before purchasing them. You can find information about stocks and brokers on the Internet.

How to Make Money in the Stock Market

Making money requires work - even in the stock market. Most successful investors study a variety of sources and ask a lot of questions.


Shop for undervalued companies.
Find stocks that have price-earnings ratios significantly lower than those of their peer group.
Watch for bad news. Wall Street often overreacts to bad news such as missed earnings, which will drive a stock lower than it should go.
Pick the jockey, not the horse. Find out who is running the company and where the executives worked previously.

Buying Penny Stocks and Selling Tips

A large number of investors have difficulties with selling and buying penny stocks. Penny Stocks can be a great investment vehicle to make lots of money. They can provide passive income because they don’t need you to be constantly watching over them. However, most investors use their feelings when selling and buying penny stocks and not from wise reasoning.

Trading Penny Stocks can be very volatile. They can quickly rise and they can quickly fall in value. The reason most investors hold on to a stock is because they fail to separate their feeling from their reasoning.

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