Extra Income From The Convenience of Home

Feel like you're stuck in a dead-end job that's barely earning you enough money to pay for daycare? Miss watching your kids grow up? Now is the time to do something about it!

"So many people put in long hours at work thinking it will get them ahead of the game, when in reality it costs them dearly," says Tina of Florida. She had worked full time in the same office for years, doing everything from administrative assistant to office manager, while her daughter spent her time in daycare. But after a messy divorce, Tina decided to make some major changes. "Lyndsey was a trooper, but I knew she needed me to be around for comfort, so instead of trying to find work, I decided to stay home with her full-time."

Within a year's time, however, as her savings were dwindling, Tina realized she had to find work to make ends meet. "I needed to do something quickly," she says. "My savings were running out and I couldn't just leave Lyndsey alone at home while I was away at an office for eight hours, working to pay for the bills that were mounting up. I couldn't afford to pay someone to watch her either."

Many sleepless nights and fruitless attempts to make money later, she found some information that changed the direction in which her life was heading. While doing an Internet search for jobs that would fit her skill set, she came across a Web site that offered exactly the information she had been looking for. DollarsForTyping is the brainchild of Gavin Stone who discovered the secret to making money from home while he was in college.

"I had a roommate whose mom had a great home in Colorado. She'd been divorced from his dad for a couple of years. We'd hop up there frequently during the breaks to do some skiing on some of the best slopes around! I got to know my roommate's mom, who spent all of her time at home clicking away on her word-processor," says Stone.

For the longest time, he thought his friend's mom was a writer, but while taking a break from skiing one day, stayed at the house and found out the truth. She was making money by doing data entry. Some of her assignments involved filling out online forms for doctor's offices and hospitals. She also made money writing ads that appear on Google and Yahoo.

"She taught me the tricks of the trade, and after making some money doing it myself, I decided to write a book about this little known profession," says Stone. Want to learn the secrets, log on to DollarsForTyping.net to gain access to Stone's book.