You Can Still Make Money in the Stock Market

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to investing. Many experts say we're seeing the results of widespread investor ignorance in the current economic situation. But it's still possible to make money in the stock market; you just have to know how.

Lack of investor knowledge about some very complex securities likely contributed to the current economic crisis, experts have said. In essence, a lot of people poured their money into the market without fully understanding the products they were buying and the risks involved.

While opinions may differ on the sources of and solutions for Wall Street's current turmoil, there's one fact you can count on - sooner or later (hopefully sooner) recovery will occur. Meanwhile, you can still successfully invest in the stock market now if you educate yourself first. And the knowledge and experience you acquire in a down market will be even more profitable when the economy recovers.

So where can you turn for professional-level investing courses and online investing tools? Investools, a leader in online brokerage services, offers an Investing Foundation Course designed to help you be a smarter, more confident investor. Both experienced and beginner investors will learn strategies to:

* Identify what stocks to buy, when to buy them and when to sell.
* Make trading decisions based on facts, not emotions.
* Make money no matter which way the market goes - up, down or sideways.
* Minimize risk and maximize returns.
* Invest with total confidence.

Enrollment buys participation in the online course, a live 2-day workshop, and 6 months of free access to the Investor Toolbox of online investing tools.

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