Day Trading Penny Stocks

Day trading penny stocks is a great idea to making money from penny stocks. This is due to several reasons. The nature of penny stocks is very speculative and volatile. Most penny stocks will decrease in value over time. Therefore it is not a good idea to hold them for too long, but to day trade penny stocks. There are exceptions to the rule, and you will find a few penny stocks that will increase in value over a long period of time. However, they are far too few and hard to find.

Day trading penny stocks is the ideal way to trade penny stocks and the secret to profiting from them. You should buy and sell these stocks on the same day. This is how you can make the greatest profit in a short period of time. Penny stocks show the greatest daily percentage gains than other kind of stocks. You can expect gains of 50% to 100% every day. Here are some examples:

02-09 – VPER – 200%
02-09 – AXIGE – 272%
02-13 – CKEI – 184%
02-13 – PAPO – 136%
02-14 – IELM – 115%
02-14 – PTSH – 366%
02-14 – CSUA – 111%
02-15 – LAMP – 149%
02-15 – JKRI – 116%
02-15 – CTUM – 133%
02-16 – SEVI – 225%
02-16 – RSMI – 93%

To take advantage of the volatility and these high percentage gains, you must be day trading penny stocks. By day trading them, you do not run risk of these stock values decreases over time as with most penny stocks. You want to buy these stocks on the same day or even hours. You do not have to worry about holding on to them overnight.

There are many reasons why many people don’t know this secret is that they are told to hold stocks for the long term. They don’t understand penny stocks behave differently than regular stocks traded on the major exchanges. Unlike the major exchange stocks, penny stocks tend to be more volatile, and can change in price in a larger percentage than the major exchange stocks. Many penny stocks will also tend to lose value in the long run, unlike the major exchange stocks that will gain in value over the long run.

There are a lot of things that can aid you to become a successful penny stock day trader. Take the time to learn everything you can about trading penny stocks. Open a paper trade account to start trading to gain the experience before start trading with your own real money.

To decide on which penny stocks best to day trade you will need to research their buying pressure and volume. Don’t forget that you will be buying and selling these stocks on the same day. You don’t have to waste lots of time on the analysis