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Affiliate Marketing Tips: Make More Money Online - Diversify Your Efforts to Bring in More Money!

I have been asked a lot lately from Novice Affiliates how to maximize online income. I would say in a few words Diversity is crucial to maximizing your income from your online efforts. Many of you find affiliate marketing and hope to make millions only to be let down by tons of effort and very little return. Well there is a solution to your problem ~ it's called diversify. In any good business plan or business model you will find a plan to spread the risk. This means " Don't put all of your eggs in one basket".

So you've tried promoting products and maybe you have had a little success and made some money but you are experiencing a drop in conversions or a low CTR ratio. In this industry you will experience highs and lows.

Here are a few ways to Maximize your Online Income and diversify your efforts to bring in more money.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

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* Use multiple affiliate networks - Clickbank, CPAPARK, Commission Junction are all good sources for products and offers. It is important to use all of these as the offers and landing pages differ and you may find success where you least expect it.

* Diversify your offerings - Let's say you promote products in the weight loss industry. You may do well 2x a year ~ during New Year and before Summer. Get into other industries perhaps Health and Beauty products as a complement to your existing Weight Loss offers

* Start a blog - Blogs are great places to really communicate with your audience. Instead of hitting them over the head with ads provide them something of value and give a voice to your efforts instead of a quick ad.

* Use Google AdSense - If your audience is looking for great content that is related to their search AdSense makes Sense. I have been on a number of Blogs and found myself clicking on AdSense ads because they are totally relevant to my search ~ it really helps.

* Use Social Media ~ Create a Buzz using Twitter. With Twitter you can build a huge following and send them messages regarding product offers, updates, or even just to say Hi! I currently have about 6,000 followers on Twitter and it keep growing. Also, you can create a Facebook page dedicated to your Affiliate Marketing efforts

These are just a few ways that you can Maximize your Online Income and diversify your efforts to bring in more money.

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