How to Make Money on Craigslist

Selling items on Craigslist is a great way to make money from things you have around your home. It's becoming a popular way to shop as listings are available for most cities across the US. Craigslist is especially nice because it is free to and you do not have to go to the post office, the buyer comes to you, unlike EBAY or Amazon. Here are some tips for successfully selling your merchandise on Craigslist.

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Go to Craigslist and create an account. Then find your location by using the location links on the right hand side of the page.
On the left hand side, click Post to Account. Then select the right category for selling your item.
Create an appropriate title for your listing. List the item accurately with as much summarized description in title as possible. For example, if you are selling artist's canvas...don't just title it "canvas", but include more information and create a title like "Dick Blick Raw Artist Canvas 66x126". Capitalize the appropriate letters in your title.
Body/Listing. Include a detailed description of what you are trying to sell. Be honest about any thing that may be wrong with it. But focus on emphasizing the great features. And learn some basic HTML to format your listing in an attractive and easy to read way. Separate paragraphs, break up points, and create lists.
HTML. Use simple HTML To start new paragraph or create breaks in your listing. Repeat that tag for each additional space you would like to create. This is also good to use when creating a list of bullet points. Marketing also tells us that blue font is a good color for creating listings that sell. Some other helpful codes include being able to center your font on the page and changing font size. I tried posting the codes you would need in this article, but it would not publish, so see the resources for a website that has basic HTML.

Add pictures. Many people select the box that will only bring up listings with images in their search results. You will have a lot more success at making money on craigslist if you add images to your listing. Take a digital picture if you have a digital camera. Try to make it look as professional as possible so people can actually see the item clearly. If you don't have a camera, then find a stock image or picture of the same thing on the internet to represent your item. Just be sure to disclose that the image posted is not the actual item, but represents the likeness of the item being listed.

If you have something that is in high demand during the holidays such as a Wii, you can sometimes sell a bundle of your used Wii and games for a profit! Meaning you got to play with the Wii for a while and then make money off it during the holidays when popular games and systems sell out of the stores. If you see a great deal on a game system and games, buy it and sell it new at regular price on Craigslist to for some easy money. Popular game systems sell out during the holidays and people are desperate to get their hands on that console or game so Santa does not disappoint, and will pay more to get it. Buy the popular new games ahead of time when they are on sale, then wait till the holidays start and list yours on craigslist.

Tips & Warnings:-

If you are handy or good at repairs, you can buy used items cheap on craigslist, fix them up and resell them on craigslist for profit.
It's so much better than selling through a consignment shop, which keeps 50-60% of the profit.
Only accept cash and tell the buyer to bring exact amount in cash when picking up the item. You should never accept a check from someone you don't know.
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