How to Make Money Online as a Abstract Writer

Abstract writing has become another lucrative source for making money online. Abstract writing is a writing method for which you write summaries and reviews about a product, service, website or company. An abstract is also a short summary of a personal review on any of the above. The reason that abstract writing has become so lucrative is because it does not take long to write a abstract and most abstract writing companies payout 50% of the revenue to you through Google Adsense

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
Internet service
Personal email
Basic writing skills
Abstract writing account

First, find a good abstract writing service that you can experiment with to see if you want to continue to write for them. So far, some of the internets best abstract writing websites are:, and You can also do a Goole search for more abstract writing companies that pay money for abstract writing.

Sign up with one of the abstract writing websites and confirm your email address. Activate your account and log in to your abstract writing account.

Choose the best topics that best fit your areas of expertise. As stated earlier, abstract writing is short summaries on products, services, reviews, websites and companies. Choose which one that will best fit your writing style.

Write a abstract summary of the topic that you have chosen. Be very descriptive, factual and informative in the short abstract summary. Publish the abstract summary. Once the abstract summary is reviewed and accepted, it will go live on the internet. Each time that a visitor to your abstract summary clicks on one of the many google ads on your summary, you get paid a percentage of the click price through Google Adsense.

Continue to write short summary abstract writing for the different websites listed above and choose the ones that are starting to make you the most money. The Google Ads will be based on the type of keyword content that you use in your abstract summary.

Tips & Warnings:-

Most abstract writing companies pay their writers through Google Adsense and some pay through their won website.


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