How to Legally Make Money Online

Making money online can be quick and easy despite the economic recession. Online freelance jobs are abundant these days and it is becoming a part time and even full time job for people to sit in front of their computer and use their skills to earn money. With an online freelance job, you set the deadlines, schedules, and most importantly make the money for doing whatever you want whenever you want.

Things You'll Need
PayPal Account


Write for Demand Studios This is a freelance website that provides work for writers, filmmakers, copy editors, transcribers and proofreaders. As one of the major sources of content for eHow, Demand Studios offers any where from $5-15 per article for writers, and rates as much as ten times that for film makers. This is one of the highest paying freelance writing companies online.

Click on ads. Create a user profile and complete a survey based on your interests and lifestyle at YouData Unlike other ad paying sites, YouData only presents ads based on the information and data gathered from your survey and pays every Friday through your PayPal account. Average gains for a week range from $.10 - $4.00.

Work for a private employer through a freelance job posting site. Sites such as Guru and Elance (See Resources,) give employers the chance to post ads for work that include anything from writing and editing, to web development and graphic design. Unlike sites such as Demand Studios, you do not work directly through these sites. You simply create a profile, search for a job you are interested in, submit a query. If interested, the employer will get back to you and then email you further instructions.

Tutor English as a second language. Sites such as Speakeikaiwa give ESL teachers the chance to tutor students who would like to learn English by using Skype and instant messenger. Simply create a user profile, and the times available that you can teach. Speakeikaiwa is an ESL site for Japanese students, so make sure that you do not set up tutoring sessions that conflict with your time zone and theirs.

Tips & Warnings

Be weary of scammers when applying for a freelance job. Make sure the employer only pays through the site's preferred payment method such as escrow. If receiving payments through PayPal by a private employer make sure that they are trusted.