How to Donate Money to Charity

Things You'll Need

IRS Forms
Accounting Services
Bank Account
Tax Preparation Software

Determine how much you want to donate annually. Meet with an accountant or tax preparer to identify an appropriate amount for your personal financial situation.

Decide whether you want to donate to just one charity or to multiple charities.

Contact the charities and ask them to provide you with information about the donation process.

Determine, with your accountant or tax preparer, the optimal time to donate the money or property.

Give your donation.

Ask for a receipt that details your donation.

Keep records of the value of any property you donate.

Tips & Warnings

Many employers sponsor an annual charitable drive, usually in conjunction with the United Way. This is an opportunity to give to several needy causes at one time.

Check to see if your employer will match any donations you make, including those to school PTAs.

Verify the validity of the charity. Ask for documentation of where funds will go and proof of the organization's nonprofit status.