How to Apply for Home-Based Business Grants

So, you have an idea for a great home based business? Now all you need is money to fund that wonderful idea. Follow these steps to help you apply for home business loans and grants.

Things You'll Need
Internet Connection

The first step in starting any home based business is planning. A good business plan is vital to the success of your business. There are tons of great web sites to assist you with writing your business plan. I have listed a few in the links below to get you started.

Next it is vital to have already chosen your location as well as obtained any licenses or permits that you will need to conduct business. Visiting your local government agencies can assist you in this task by providing you with a list of proper procedure to obtain those permits.

Now that you are all ready to get started you need the money to begin. Keep in mind there are literally hundreds of business loans available, but most grants are reserved for already existing businesses to expand or become more efficient. Finding grants to start a new business can become a little tricky.

If you have an existing business you would like to apply for a grant for you can visit government offices to request information about grant programs such as the Welfare-to-Work grant or contact the Department of Labor for a list of grants available in your state. They can provide you with the applications and processing fee costs to submit your requests.

If you are looking for a grant to start a new business then visit sites such as to view a list of opportunities available in your area. There are over 30 available grant organizations that offer a wide range of grant opportunity.

Once you have found the grant you would like to apply for then find out what is required for submitting your grant request. Most requests require downloading the application online, printing and filling in all requested information and then submitting to the correct agency listed for approval. Some may require things such as a detailed business plan which may require a grant writer to assist you for better chances of being approved. Grant writers can be found everywhere and a quick online search can provide you with hundreds of results.

The most important thing to remember is that you won't get approved for every grant you apply for so apply to multiple grant opportunities at one time and wait to hear a response. Don't give up if your first attempts return no results. Keep looking for new grant opportunities and eventually one will come your way that will provide the assistance that you desire. The grant approval process can take some time and sometimes requires additional information after your initial request. Don't expect an answer in just a few days. Have patience.