How to Design An Affiliate Marketing Website To Make Money Online

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, or would like to get started in affiliate marketing, following is a way to dramatically increase your affiliate commissions using a simple website. This is a very simple concept and can be used for a number of programs.

Things You'll Need
A Domain Name
Web Hosting
Affiliate Programs

To get started, you will need to determine what types of affilate programs and products you will be promoting. This is very important as your domain name should relate to your affiliate programs. It's best to start with affiliate programs that relate to a subject you are interested in, and have knowledge about. Sign up for 6 related programs/products, read all of the information provide on the affiliate site to become familiar with the package/product, then copy and paste your affiliate links to your notepad and save to your desktop.

The next step will be to register a domain name (a link to low-cost domains has been provided below, under the Resources heading). Choosing a domain name that reflects the products and services offered is very important. For instance, if you are promoting pet products, a good example of a domain name would be ''.

You will then need to set-up hosting for your website. This is usually available from the site in which you purchased your domain name, such as godaddy, etc. Sign-up for a minimum of 1 year to get the best priced packages.

From here, you will need to create a website that features the 6 affiliate products. This is easily done by doing short reviews on each product. Use a photo and a short paragraph with a link to the affiliate site.

Begin marketing your new website. This can be done in a number of ways, from free classifieds to paid banners and PPC promotions. Once you have got the system down, you can begin to add additional products to your website or start new ones.

For information on finding the cheapest domain names, low-cost hosting and easy-to-use website builders, visit the link below, under the Resources heading, titled 'Creating A Website'.