How Does the eBay Affiliate Program Work?

Signing Up
Signing up with the eBay Affiliate program allows website owners to incorporate eBay advertising through their websites and earn money by driving new eBay customers to the website. Instead of going to eBay's main website, new users must go to the eBay Partner Network site. Users fill out two forms to submit an application and then eBay representatives will contact the user to inform whether he has been approved or not. Any appropriate website is accepted, but the owner must be 18 and over in order to sign up for the affiliate program.

Tools and Users
Once you are signed up for the program, eBay will give you the tools you need in order to properly promote the ads. When everything has started running on the website, tracking and earning begins. You can earn money through the program when people visit your website, click on an eBay ad, sign up for an account and make bids. Every user who does this is labeled as an "ACRU" and helps earn you money. Every ACRU earns you a base amount from $1.00 through $50. Additional money is earned through successful purchases.

Making Money
The tracking has about a two-week delay, so the income from the first month may be potentially low compared to following months, but once the program gets going, you could be making thousands of dollars. Along with the different eBay programs for multiple countries, the Affiliate program also works through Ebay's partner website, Half. Purchases made through ad clicks on Half earn percentages ranging from 5 percent to 14 percent depending on how much money is sold through ad clicks.

Payments are made securely through the eBay owned PayPal site and are sent once a month. Reports are also generated, so website owners can adjust the way they display their ads and earn revenue. Ebay works extensively with website owners to help expand their ad base and create sales.