How to Make Genuine Money With Google AdSense and ClickBank

Google AdSense is a targeted advertisement program for website publishers, which pays based on clicks and impressions. ClickBank is an affiliate program that pays out prescribed commissions for product sales. Making money with a website that is monetized through Google AdSense and ClickBank is not an easy task. You may only receive a few clicks or product commissions for every thousand website visitors you get. However, the payoff is excellent with royalties as high as 70 percent. If your website is successful, it generates a lot of passive income.

Sign up as a publisher for Google AdSense and ClickBank. Aspiring Google AdSense publishers may find it challenging to get into the program, especially if they are living in a non English-speaking country. It may take anywhere from days or months to be accepted to (or rejected from) the program. ClickBank's registration process contrasts heavily with AdSense's, because anyone can be accepted almost instantly into the affiliate program.

Decide upon products to sell, which is also what the website should be geared toward. ClickBank products about solar powered wind panels don't sell very well on websites about cat food. Google AdSense ads about basket weaving don't pay as much as ads about the newest consumer electronics. For ClickBank, make sure the website is at least a little bit related to products being recommended. For AdSense, ensure the site's keywords translate into high paying clicks.

Drive traffic to the website. Generate a lot of traffic (thousands of visitors a day) to see any real results. Unfortunately, conversions for both programs are low. This means there aren't many people who buy or click something in a given number of people. For example, if one person out of a hundred people clicks an advertisement, the conversion rate is 1 percent.

Measure results and tweak the website accordingly. If advertisements are doing poorly despite massive amounts of traffic, rearrange them to more visible places on your website. The same goes for ClickBank affiliate links. For example, the 250 by 250 pixel square AdSense advertisement has been proven to perform the best when placed in the top left portion of the website.