How to Make Money as an Affiliate

Making money as an affiliate of an online retailer might sound like something that is very simple to do. All you have to do is have someone make a purchase from that online retailer using your affiliate link. The problem many people find with affiliate programs on the Internet, however, is that there are too many affiliates signed up, or people typically go to the main website of the retailer. There are ways to be a successful online affiliate and make money as an affiliate. It just takes a lot of work.

Choose the correct affiliate program to sign up for. Yes, the major retailers do have online presences and do have affiliate programs. The problem is these sites are so well known that people will visit the retailers primary website instead of going through an affiliate's link. Find one that fits a niche in which you feel the market is growing and the online retailer is not largely known in the marketplace.

Check out the fine print in the affiliate agreement. Find out how often it pays. If you are choosing a lesser known online retailer, make sure the payment is frequent enough. If the payment is only once every six months or less frequent, it is advisable to find a different program. Also, if an affiliate program refuses to pay you until you have have a large balance, this is an affiliate program to avoid.

Choose a market that you are interested in. Promoting your affiliate link can be a lot of hard work. To make it more enjoyable, choose to be an affiliate for a retailer in a market that you enjoy.

Once you have researched done Steps 3 and 4, combine your results. For example, if you are a foodie, find an affiliate program for a website such as The Inner Circle, instead of a more popular website such as

Find places that your intended audience visits. This can be online such as a message board or mailing list. It could also be a physical location in your local area. Once you know where your prospective customers are, buy advertising that will be seen by them. Remember that advertising alone isn't enough; you must target your advertising to be effective as an affiliate marketer.

Invest in your own success. Successful companies are always reinvesting in their own company. Set aside a percentage of your monthly affiliate earnings through the affiliate program or programs you are involved in as money to reinvest in marketing and advertising your affiliate link.

Start small and expand your interaction with affiliate programs as you succeed. It's best to concentrate on one or two affiliate programs when you are starting out. This allows you to create a marketing plan specifically for those online retailers. As your success increases, you should expand the number of affiliate programs you are a member of. Diversifying your affiliate program portfolio will reduce your risk.

Tips & Warnings

Buying targeted advertising is key to being a successful affiliate marketer. Research the advertising resource you are considering before making your purchase to make sure there are not others advertising the same affiliate program.

Diversification is good as you succeed, but do not spread yourself too thin. The ideal maximum number of affiliate programs to be a part of is between four and six.