How to Make Money Online With PPC Affiliate Programs Without A Website Or Blog

Making money with Paid Per Click (PPC) affiliate programs is many times considered a way to monetize a website or blog. In most cases, affiliate marketers use a landing page or a current website or blog to add links to affiliate programs and products. However, there is another way to make money with PPC programs that doesn't require a website or blog for displaying links. Following are steps to help you make money with PPC programs without a site.

The first step to making money with PPC affiliate programs when not using a website or blog is to find affiliate programs that offer PPC links that are non-contextual. Meaning they are not pre-set in a page with a code, such as AdSense, Bidvertiser, etc. A good example of this type of program is Tradekey (link provided below, under the resources heading).
With these types of programs you are provided links that you can place anywhere and earn for each and every click.

The second step is to begin placing links in as many locations online as possible. Free classified ads and link referral/exchange sites are perfect for this. Craigslist, Kijiji and SaleSpider are good options for free classifieds; while vinefire is great for link referrals.

Once links are placed in these areas, you will see how easy it is to earn with these types of programs. To maintain earnings, simply repost links as often as each site allows. Sites such as vinefire allow you to add your link everyday, making it a great option.