How to Make Real Money Online with Affiliate Programs

Contrary to the majority of spam in a typical email inbox, it is a lot of work to make real money as a Web affiliate. There is no get-rich-quick approach that works to bring money rolling into the coffers, and nobody is going to automatically find a new website just because it offers a product and there is a hefty commission on the sale. Affiliate programs can earn the webmaster serious money if they are placed on a dedicated website that focuses on a particular item or theme that is kept current with fresh content regularly.

Sign up for an affiliate program at the vendor of your choice by following the instructions found in the affiliate program link, typically located at the bottom of the Web page.

Learn about the product or a group of products that all share a particular theme with a narrow focus.

Research the theme of choice and create Web content to make a website with a great deal of information that the average buyer of the product or service may find interesting. Carefully check the spelling and grammar of the information and make sure to create it from scratch instead of copying someone else's work without permission, which is illegal.

Take some high-quality photos of the product or of a landscape or whatever else seems to make a good backdrop for the website and add them to the site.

Place a small number of affiliate links on the website in locations that do not detract from the informative and interesting nature of the site. If possible, link to keywords within the text.

Add more content every week, creating at least one new article that explores a different aspect of the product or theme and has a few well-placed affiliate links.

Consider using a pay-per-click advertising campaign or obtaining a catchy domain name for the site to help draw attention to it.

Tips & Warnings

Focus on a single theme per website with a lot of information about the topic that is useful, relevant and engaging with a strong call to action.

Avoid adding a large number of affiliate links or links that do not revolve directly around the central theme of the page or website.

Never copy text or photos from any other source. If you don't write it from scratch or take the picture, don't use it on a website.