How to make money through Amazon Associates/Affiliates Program

Are you looking to make money by recommending products or directing viewers or customers to other sites? If so, the Amazon Associates Program is ideal for you. This program allows you to make a commission off of people who purchase Amazon products after they were directed to the Amazon site via your web site or web pages. Below are some simple steps to get started making money through the Amazon Affiliates Program.

Things You'll Need

Web Site
Amazon Associates Account

First, you need to have a web presence in order to direct people to Amazon products so you can make a commission. Create a site around something you are interested, or if you are a freelance web writer, tie the Amazon links right into your articles.

Once you have a web site or content you can tie Amazon products into, go to the Amazon Associates site and register for an account. There is no cost to join this program. The Amazon associates link is at the bottom of this page in the resource section.

After you register, Amazon will verify what site, content, or type of content you will be providing links to their products in, and if they approve you will be granted an account. This process is very quick taking only 1 - 2 days.

Once you are registered, add any product links from your Amazon Associates account to any articles, website content, or web sites you think viewers may be interested in. For example, if you write an article on gardening, you could put Amazon links to gardening books, tools, pots or even seeds that are sold through Amazon. If your viewer clicks on this link, and then purchases any item from Amazon (not just the one you recommended), you will earn a commission on the purchased products. The base commission is around 4%, but it increases over time as you sell more products. Detailed information can be found on the Amazon Associates web site, which can be found at the bottom of this page in the resource section.