How to Make Money With eBay's Affiliate Program

One of the biggest appeals of Web 2.0, is the amount of money it's possible to make as an affiliate marketer. Anyone with a website can sign up with an affiliate program and sell someone else's product for a commission fee. The eBay affiliate program works to allow affiliates to sell items that other people have listed on eBay.

Sign up with Commission Junction, which handles the eBay affiliate program. Get an account and confirm an email address. Decide on your method of getting paid by the site.

Locate the eBay affiliate information on the Commission Junction site. Read the commission levels offered for different types of marketing, such as selling items and signing up new affiliates.

Find the eBay affiliate links. Choose links, lists of items or banner ads to put on your own website. Look at the categories of items available to sell through the item lists. Pick a category that relates to the subject matter of your website.

Copy the HTML or other code from Commission Junction and paste it onto your own site. Test the site links to make sure they work. Redesign the site to allow prominent placement of the links or ads.

Market your website to bring the most viewers possible. Tailor your content to bring in traffic from search engines and give the eBay items a wider audience.

Copy and paste a link or ad to recruit new sign ups. Write some text content to encourage people to sign up.

Tips & Warnings

Add new content to your site regularly to keep steady traffic coming in.

Use keywords to optimize your site for search engines.