School loan consolidation – $70 a click!?

All I can say is wow! I had no idea the school loan business was so lucrative.

According to this article some Google AdWords advertisers are paying almost $70 per click for student loan related terms. I knew the financial sector paid well, but $70 seems ridiculous. Look at the top five:

school loan consolidation $69.16 (cpc)
college loan consolidation $68.35 (cpc)
car insurance quotes $66.88 (cpc)
school consolidation $66.29 (cpc)
auto insurance quotes $65.90 (cpc)
Apparently I’m in the wrong business! Here at Google Tutor we use Google AdSense to help pay the hosting bill, but it barely covers that. I think the most we’ve ever seen was a $1 a click and that’s very rare we are usually in the 5-30 cent range.

Perhaps its time to start a blog on student credit?  No wonder the search results look pretty spammy (although a gov site did get in there). If all you have to do is slap together some tips and put up a loan calculator or two and get $60+ per click it’s hard to blame them for trying.

Are any of you running sites on the financial industry? Does it normally pay so well or is it just the student loan niche?