Passive eBay Affiliate Commission

Okay, the words are out. I made a post (get your website indexed by Google in 24 hours) about how I use Wordpress blogs to secretly leverage eBay sellers’ auction listings to gain free search engine traffic which allows me to automatically seek out long tail keywords.

Here is the step-by-step process of how you can start earning passive affiliate commission:

First of all, let’s talk about how commission is made and what you will be doing:

eBay has an affiliate program (administered by that currently pays $25 (as of June 1st, 2007) per new active user registration + 50% of auction listing fee
Surprise! Not everyone has an eBay account.
You will be building blogs that automatically pull in eBay auction listings
When visitor go to your website and clicks through one of the eBay auction listings, you will get credit for new eBay user referred and/or auctions won by your referral.

Each blog you build will pull in FREE search engine traffic
Blogs will get indexed by major search engines automatically
You can use these eBay blogs to help index you other websites (by linking from your blogs to websites you would like indexed)
Content is provided and refreshed automatically
Top ranking for keywords in the search engines automatically
Not many people know how to do this because of the technical difficulties of getting a WordPress plug-in to work with eBay RSS Feed
Each blog you build becomes an ATM machine with very little maintenance cost (hosting & domain registration, which is standard cost for running any website business)
Blogs can run on sub-domains or sub-directories to reduce cost
Tip: Register a general-topic domain name
Takes about 5 to 10 minutes to set up each blog

Action Steps:

Sign up as a publisher with (if you don’t have one already)
If you do not have website, just make up a newsletter name and leave the website URL empty.
Decide on a market/product line/trend/”niche”
First go to Do you have a particular interest in any products or category of product on ebay? Such as collectibles, games, DVD’s, etc? If not, have a look at eBay Pulse for some of the hottest selling items. Make sure the category of product is a healthy market (meaning that there are always those products being sold and bought on eBay, that way your blog will always be refreshed with new auction items!)
Generate eBay RSS Feed
Get your Commission Junction account PID by logging into your account and click on “Account” tab and then “Web Site Settings” sub-tab and get the PID number from there:

how to make money

Click on “Advanced Search” from eBay’s webpage:

how to make money

Enter your search criteria:

how to make money

Enter your CJ account PID number and click Search!

how to make money

Now, from the search results page, scroll all the way down of the page and find an orange button with RSS label on it:

how to make money

Copy & Paste the URL of the RSS feed from your web browser into a notepad for later use.

Register domain name & host the website (if you don’t have one already)
I personally use for domain registration ($7.15 per year) and for Wordpress Hosting ($5.95 per month).
Install WordPress blog script
Login to your Cpanel from your hosting account and use Fantastico to install a Wordpress blog in 2 clicks!
Install Feed-o-Matic plug-in
Get the free plugin here:

To install:
1) Unzip
2) Upload the entire feedomatic folder into /wp-content/plugin
folder of your Wordpress directory
3) Login to your Wordpress admin and go under “Plugins” tab
4) Activate Feed-o-Matic
5) Now add in your eBay RSS feed (from step 3) by going to “Options” tab

Rinse & Repeat
Remember, your passive commission from eBay affiliate program is scalable. It’s up to you how much you want to make. I would recommend that you install at least one eBay blog onto each of your domain that you own, and also to through up a quick eBay blog to new domains or domains that are just sitting there collecting dust!
Talk is cheap and you have everything you need to implement the system, so get to work!