How to Make Money With New Amazon Associates For Blogger: It's a Snap

Your Friend WebWoof here, back to bark about how Amazon's new Amazon Associates For Blogger is helping to make my new Dog Blog,, a tail-thumping success! On my Blogger site, WoofCalls, I take pen in paw, using my Canine expertise to recommend Dog-related books and products. I use Amazon Product Finder to quickly add affiliate links and images to my blog post without leaving the blog posting page. Lots of friendly Readers follow the links from my blog posts right to my main site, It's doggone simple to set up and use Amazon Associates for Blogger! Here's how:

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need:-

To Create a Blogger Account, you'll first need a Google Account -
You'll need a Google AdSense Account, to monetize your Blogs -
You'll also need an Amazon Associate Account and Member and Tracking IDs -
You need the URL for previewing and signing up for the Amazon Associates for Blogger Program -
Once you have these, you'll need to get a Blogger Account.
Finally, a good, traffic-drawing Logo for your title is essential - see the screen shot of my WoofCalls Blog as an example.

Signing Up Often Requires Dogged Dertermination
Start by creating a Google Account. In the Resources section below, you'll find the link for signing up for this account, if you don't already have one.

Now sign up for Google AdSense, using the 2nd Resource Link below. For the uninitiated: You can make money with this free program ... With Google's AdSense, not only are you displaying text ads, (which tend to receive a much higher click-thru rate than banner ads), but you are displaying contextual ads that match your website's content. This works very well on my Dog Blog!
Next, get your Associate Account, Associate and Tracking IDs with Amazon, using the 3rd Resource Link below. You'll find many more uses for your Associate membership than just bringing up products on Blogger: You can even create an aStore on your own website once you're an Associate!
Now you can preview and sign up for your Blogger Account at the fourth Resource Link below. If you've struggled with copying and pasting affiliate links and images to your blogs or articles before, you'll love the ease of Blogger's new Product Finder! It makes posting a daily blog quick, easy and even fun!
To come up with a great title, start by deciding on the overall theme for your Blogs. Although you can blog about a shaggy dog story or anything else on Blogger if you like, the point of using Amazon Associates For Blogger is to make it quick and easy to add affiliate links and images about products to your blog posts. To take full advantage of this great program, fetch a theme like "Best Products For Your State-of-the-Art Kitchen", or "How to Choose the Most Energy-Efficient Appliances". Then, opening your trusty PhotoShop application, create a photo/text combo that is unique and eye-catching: Blogger allows you to choose a title and photo, or just a photo. I recommend that you choose the latter, which in your case will be the photo you have already enhanced with integrated text.
Compose your article, using the "compose" view right on Blogger. This site has what so many writing sites lack: A really accurate and easy way of continuously saving your writing, so you'll never lose an hour of work just because the site on which you were composing timed out! Blogger is so user-friendly that it's easy to find your way back, use the "Edit" function, preview your blog post, and quickly Publish.

You can add your own photos as well as the Amazon Product information you choose. For products, you can select live links, just photos, or photos with text. The result, no matter what you choose, looks very professional: Note the open Product Finder on the right in this screen shot, and the product photos and text already chosen for the post.
With Blogger's great Readership, you'll soon see serious traffic coming to your AdSense and Amazon Accounts, as well as to your main website, once you add your site's links at the top of your Blogger blog post. For proof, just click the "Monetize" button, which will show the number of Reads your blog post has received. It is also easy to check your Google AdSense click-thrus. You can check these two income streams right from your Blogger site.

Finally, go to your main site. If your blog posts on Blogger are visually interesting as well as informative, you'll see the results in your hit counter on your main site, as Readers of your Blogger posts link over to your main site. Give yourself two paws up: You've got Readership!