How to Make Money Freelance Writing

There's serious money to be made for freelance writers online today. With the shortage of jobs and the surmounting debt that many Americans face, lots of people are looking for ways to make extra income online. Freelance writing is a very lucrative way to do just that. If you have the time and dedication, you can easily make the extra cash you need to supplement your day job or even replace


Write for revenue sharing sites. Some websites offer freelance writers a platform to publish their work online in exchange for a share of the revenue their work generates. In the long run, revenue sharing sites are the most profitable because your work will continue to earn passive income for you forever and you get to retain the rights to your material. The only catch is that you have to be patient. It takes time for articles to get traffic and exposure, plus you'll need to build a rather large library of work before you earn any substantial income. So while revenue sharing is great for long-lasting passive income, it certainly won't get you rich quick. If you can stick with it though, many successful writers make thousands each month writing for revenue sharing sites. Some great websites to check out include Definitelymoney, HubPages, Suite 101 and Associated Content.
Sell your work up front. If you're looking for a faster way to make money with freelance writing, consider selling it to websites that will buy it out right. Depending on your level of writing experience and talent, how much you can make selling your work varies greatly. But even a newbie writer can sell their work online; there's a market for everything. Most websites pay between $10-50 for written material. Bear in mind however, that some places pay less than that while others pay substantially more. If you write well and work hard, you can easily make hundreds to thousands of dollars each month selling your writing. The only drawback is that you sell the rights to your material and can not use it anywhere else. If this sounds like your idea of the perfect freelance writing gig, consider checking out Demand Studios, Bright Hub and TextBroker. If you're new to writing and get turned down by Demand Studios, try TextBroker first. Pretty much anyone can get on with TextBroker. Then later, after you've improved your writing skills you can try a higher paying site.
Forge your own path. If writing for a website and sticking to certain rules and policies puts you off, you can always strike out on your own. It can be very difficult to break into freelance writing on your own, but for some talented and dedicated individuals it is an option. Start your own blog to post your work. Be sure to sign up with Google Adsense so that you can make money from your blog. You could also write and sell eBooks online to make money. Whatever path you decide to take, you'll have to work extra hard to advertise your work if you're not associated with a major website. You can't get readers and make money for your freelance writing if nobody even knows you exist.

Tips & Warnings:-

Be very careful of scam websites that offer to buy your writing. Never sell your writing to a website or company without verifying the website's legitimacy first. There are numerous websites trying to prey on freelance writers out there; don't fall for it!


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