How to Earn Extra Money

Whether you have to save up for an upcoming expense, need more spending money or want cash to pay off credit card debt, knowing how to earn extra money is important. Your paycheck or regular income only goes so far, and sometimes a little extra money is needed to make up for a shortfall. Luckily, the options are plentiful, and with motivation and a good plan of action, you can succeed. Start here ... and learn how to earn extra money:

Difficulty: Moderate


Work overtime
Find out if your company has overtime or extra part-time positions within the company that you can pick up after hours or work you can do from home to earn extra income. if you work shifts, as a nurse, waiter or other profession, let your coworkers know you're interested in picking up extra shifts.

Consider talents
Evaluate your skills and interests to find a niche for a small part-time business or job you would enjoy doing. Write down a list of all the jobs you've held or applied for and see if that generates any ideas. Have you worked as an educator? Consider tutoring students, either through a tutoring center or individually.

Offer services
Approach local businesses for a potential match. For example, if you enjoy sewing and quilting, call the local fabric, craft and quilt stores to see if there is a need for a quilter to do work from home or on the premises.

Sell bread
Mass produce (or add additional quantities) of something you already do, and sell the extras. For example, if you make homemade bread for your family, make double batches and sell the extra loaves.

Make crafts
Convert your hobby into a source of extra income. Many scrap-bookers and greeting card makers sell their creations or services to pay for their hobby or as a way to make extra money. Are you an artist? Make some extra money by selling reproductions -- or originals -- of your work. Try local art shows, CraigsList, Etsy and eBay as a start.

Grow food
Plant seeds in the winter and transplant the seedlings into individual peat pots when they are several inches tall. Sell these at your local farmer's market or flea market in the spring. This is a simple way to make extra money.

Sell things
Gather up the belongings you no longer need or use and sell them at a flea market or community yard sale where there is tons of foot traffic.

Try childcare
Consider adding childcare to your list of expertise. Options include home daycare, babysitting services and special events childcare services. If you know someone who is a wedding or special events coordinator, this contact will be invaluable for offering child care at special events, which can be lucrative.

Track earnings
Keep track of your earnings and how much extra money you need to make each month. Expand what you're doing if it's successful, or look for more ways to earn extra cash if it doesn't bring in the amount you need.

Write online
Use freelance writing skills to write articles and documents for hire, or for your own websites and blogs. Substantial residual income streams may be built from writing online content.

Tips & Warnings

Check out resources and related articles, below, for more ideas.
Be constantly on the lookout for possible jobs and side business opportunities.

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