How to Make Money Selling Time Shares

A timeshare is the ownership of a time to occupy real property, usually a resort property unit. It allows the owner of the timeshare all the amenities of resort living for a certain period of time in a certain size or quality of room or unit. It can be a perfect alternative to owning a vacation property full time. Buying and selling timeshare properties can be a very profitable way to make money.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Buy a time share when it is at a low price. This is needed so a profit can be made. Shopping around for the best prices on pre-owned timeshares is the best way to find the lowest prices. There are many reseller websites where you can purchase pre-owned timeshares that others are taking a loss on to get out of a contract. Some owners are just not using the timeshares as much as they thought they would and no longer want them. Whatever the reason, their loss can be your gain if you get a timeshare for a low price.
Analyze the current market to find out what the asking price should be for the timeshare you purchased. Looking on timeshare agency websites and comparing similar timeshares can give you a good idea. Be sure to look at several sites for comparisons. Note the interest rates companies are charging to finance the timeshares.
Offer your newly acquired time share for sale. This can be done privately or through one of the many timeshare agencies online. Offering a low down payment and boosting the interest rate a bit on the sale of your offered timeshare will have the most profit in the long run. If you decide to sell privately you will want to contact an escrow company to do all of the legal paperwork for you. There are fees with both escrow companies and timeshare agencies.
Flip your profits from the sale of the timeshare into more timeshare purchases and continue the process of making money selling timeshares. You may also consider renting the timeshares to vacationers for a week at a time. It saves them money compared to a hotel stay and you can profit from it.

Tips & Warnings

If you do your buying, selling and renting through an agency, the agent can help you and will look for great deals for you. Most agents get paid on commission, and when he learns you are making a business out of timeshares he will contact you when a great deal is found.
Like buying and selling any real estate there is the risk of not making a profit.