How to Make Money When You Have No Job

Whether you are a victim of the plummeting economy, or just a cyclical job seeker, you need money. As the days on the calendar whiz by without a paycheck in sight, panic and fear can set in. Don't despair. With a little creativity, a great attitude, and a little bit of humility, you can still make money while you're in between.

Difficulty: Moderate

Clean out your house and sell your unwanted goods. Websites like E-bay or Craigslist are great. Craigslist, especially moves pretty fast, and has very little overhead.

If you have a classified newspaper in your town, furniture goes pretty well in there. Some classified sections have a "free day" where ads placed on a certain day of the week are all free.
Electronics go well at pawn shops, but try classifieds first. You can get closer to market value. Some resale shops pay you a small consignment fee for donations, but this is hard to find.

If you've got a lot of old books, used bookstores will buy them from you. If you've got college textbooks that are fairly recent, try selling them online.
While this goes along with this first step, it deserves its own. Have a garage sale. Involve your neighbors. They will want the money for their things, but their donations will make your garage sale look bigger, and everyone will get better sales.
Try returning things you have recently purchased. If you can find the package and the receipt, it is best. If you don't have the receipt, you can get store credit. At big discount stores like SuperTarget, and Wal-Mart Supercenter, your store credit can be used for groceries or perhaps gas.
If you have extra space, try taking in a boarder or roommate. Obviously, you cannot be a in a position to lose the house entirely, but if you've got just enough money for the mortgage/rent, the extra cash will really help.

College students and young singles are always looking for places to stay. Try putting up an ad at your local college, or on Craigslist. Just make sure to conduct good interviews!
Try working on the Internet. It's difficult to find a reputable way to make this work, so be careful of work-at-home scams.

If you are good at writing many sites, including this one, pay people to write web content. This is especially good for unemployed professionals. You just write you know. is also a great site. They post topics, you pick one, and write an article. You are guaranteed payment for your articles, although it's usually only a couple of dollars. You can make it add up, though, especially if you're unemployed and have the time. Twice a month, you request all your earnings to rollover into your PayPal account. They are a legitimate company, and they do pay.

Other legitimate writing websites include: Demand Studios, Suite, Associated Content, Helium, and Constant Content.
Try temporary work. Employment agencies can help you find work, but they can also put you in short term work while you are waiting. They pay weekly, sometimes even faster if you have direct deposit. For example, with direct deposit at Robert Half International, you can get paid on Monday afternoon for work finished on Friday. The key to making temp agencies work for you, is to call EVERY DAY, sometimes more than that. It will get you noticed, and get you working.
Do contract work. If you are an unemployed professional, try selling your services or knowledge. Talk to people you know, and consider placing ads or creating fliers. It may not make enough to warrant self-employment, but it may pay the rent.
If you're good at manual labor, try the local day laborer post. Many cities have a place where contactors can come and pick up anyone standing for a day of work. Many times they pay cash daily.
Try odd jobs. This may take you back to your teen days of babysitting and moving lawns, but these things still need to be done. Try cleaning houses, or running errands for neighbors. If you do this, make sure you charge enough to make a profit after gas. If you're good around the house, homeowners always need things repaired, pools cleaned and rooms painted.

Get a book of pre-teen jobs and combine it with adult ingenuity and resources. See what you can come up with.
Get creative.

-Research centers in malls usually pay a couple of dollars for taking surveys.
-Blood banks pay people to give plasma donations, although doing it too often is not advisable for one's health.
-Collect aluminum cans for recycling. There are recycling places that pay per pound for alimunimum cans, and some states for glass bottles. Tell your friends and neighbors you've gone super green, and to save all their cans and bottles for you.
-Volunteer to wash/clean/detail people's cars.
Get greative. When trying to make money, it can go a long way.
Finally, volunteer. Going months without work can have a lot of psychological effects. You can lose self-confidence and become depressed or apathetic. No one wants to hire a gloomy lethargic person. Volunteering a few days a week can boost your self esteem and help keep you focused. Not to mention, it can also open up networking opportunities.