How to Make Money Online With Freebie Forums

Freebie forums are places where just about anyone can go to trade online freebies for profit, or complete trial offers and get paid for it. So for example, in a freebie forum, you can get paid $50 for completing five or six trial offers that will cost you a total of $5 to complete. After you've completed the offers, you've just profited $45 in a short period of time. So basically, freebie sites, also known as Incentive Freebie Websites (IFW's), are sites that promote trial offers and things like laptops and other items, for simply completing free trial offers. Using freebie forums to make money online is an overlooked business opportunity and it can be very profitable. This article will provide steps in how to go about making money online with freebie forums. Then you can decide if this is for you or not.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Go ahead and do a search online for incentive freebie sites, or freebie forums. You should join a site that's legit and has a good community in which you can learn from a mentor. There are some freebie forums out there that run scams, so be careful in your selection.

To make money with freebie forums, check out the FREE website in the resources section below. When you go there, fill in the sign-in box near the bottom of the page to get started. It's safe to use and you can earn a part time or full time income from it.
Get your credit card ready. You will need to use your credit card when signing up for offers through freebie forums. I haven't had any problems with this, but I just wanted to metion that you will need to use a credit card frequently for this type of business. Some freebie forums will allow you to use a debit card, but I use a credit card. Some of the offers will cost a couple bucks to complete and that's why you need a credit card. Think of it as a business investment. You'll spend small amounts of money to make a nice profit in a freebie forum. Spending a few bucks to make fifty bucks is a no brainer and if you spend a lot of time doing this, you can make a lot of money.
Sign up at a legitimate freebie forum (like the one noted in the resources section below) and read up on all the rules and terms of the forum. Select a mentor and ask questions if you don't understand something. Your mentor will guide you through the first method of making money with online freebies. The site I recommended has at least 20 different videos and tutorials that teach you everything for free. After you've learned the first method of making money, you'll be able to have other people complete offers for you and make a bigger profit. But when you first join a freebie forum, you should start with easy freebie sites for beginners, until you can learn the ropes yourself or with help from a mentor.
Open a free Pay Pal account. It only takes a few minutes to create one and it's necessary in order to get paid, because most people in freebie forums use Pay Pal to issue payments. I think it's awesome to be paid through Pay Pal instead of waiting for a check. Most payments through the freebie forums will be issued on a daily or weekly basis. As soon as the other member verifies that you've completed the offers on the freebie site, you'll receive a payment in your Pay Pal account.
Start off with the first method and complete trial offers to get paid, then work your way up to the next method. Generally, there's a couple different ways to make money with online freebies. You can either complete offers on a freebie site and get paid a cut of what your mentor earns from it, or you can pay other members to complete offers for you and make more money. Use common sense and be smart when choosing the trial offers to complete. Obviously, choose offers that will give you the most credits for the lowest cost. Try to avoid spending more than $8 - $10 when completing offers to get your credits. In most cases, you'll need 100 credits to get paid and it usually only takes 5-6 offers to get the 100 credits. You can earn $25 - $50 using this first method. Repeat this process throughout the day, if you have the time, and you can make a lot. I made over $200 my first day.
Keep track of all the offers that you've completed on freebie sites. This is VERY important. You will have to call each company to cancel your free trial BEFORE it ends, otherwise you WILL get charged for it. If you're very unorganized and you can't committ to keeping track of things, then this is probably not for you. Read all the terms and conditions for each offer before you complete it, especially the cancellation terms. Write down the appropriate phone number for the cancellation department.
Keep online freebies that you've obtained using the second method and sell them on the internet. In the second method, you can get the freebie instead of cash, if you want too. There are a lot of freebie traders that profit more by selling the items on other sites. The online freebies can be nice things like brand new laptops or a new xbox. Sell them on eBay and make more money.

Tips & Warnings

After you join a freebie forum, assign yourself a mentor to guide you through the process and you'll make money a lot faster that way
Start off simple and don't jump into something you're not familiar with - you could lose a lot of money
Use common sense when choosing offers on a freebie site
Keep track of your free trial offers in a notebook and write down the company names, phone numbers and the date that you should call to cancel the trial
DO NOT forget to cancel free trials before they expire otherwise they will charge your credit card a monthly fee or the cost of the product/service

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