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Start A Pet Services Company

If you love pets then this is a great way to meet more of them! There are lots of ways you could reap the rewards by setting up a business to help people with their pets. Depending on what you like doing you could provide one service in particular or a whole range of them.
Your choice of pet business will also depend on what skills you have. After all if you are good at painting pictures of animals then you will no doubt earn more money doing that than you would taking dogs for a walk!
If you are an animal lover then there is no better job than spending all day surrounded by them. The great part about setting up a pet services company is that you can work whatever hours you like, fitting it in around your existing commitments to suit you.

Start A Local Restaurant Delivery Service

If you like getting out and about, this might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. You’ll need your own transport and it can take a bit of creativity to set everything up, but in the end you can offer a great service to a lot of local people.
A bit of creative thinking goes a long way here, and it can really set you apart from any competition as well. There are countless ways you can approach this business, but you’ll need to keep on reading to find out what they are.
So you want to deliver food from local restaurants? Here is your first option. Some restaurants already offer takeaway options, but the customer has to come and get their food rather than relying on the restaurant to deliver it for them. If this is the case then you could step in and offer your services to people in your local area. Instead of them having to go out and collect their food, you will do it for them in return for a small payment.

Start A Local Grocery Delivery Service

Would you consider paying someone to do the jobs you hate doing? You would certainly pay someone to do the jobs you cannot do yourself or find difficult to do, wouldn’t you?
While you may find it easy to get your own groceries there are plenty of people who aren’t so lucky. In these situations they would gladly pay a little extra to have someone do their shopping for them and deliver it all to their home. Essentially you would be providing a smaller, more local and arguably friendlier version of the large scale services offered by some of the bigger stores.
While you can certainly deliver groceries for people who find it hard to get out and about and carry heavy shopping home, you’ll also find a ready market in younger people who are pushed for time.

Start A Gift Ideas Dropshipping Website

A lot of people think that they can’t have their own website selling all manner of things because they don’t have the money to buy the stock, let alone find room to store it all.
But there is a way that you can sell stuff online without needing to touch a single item that you promote – and that is by dropshipping.
Not only is this one of the best ways to make money online, it also gives you the freedom to be able to sell a lot more items than you would otherwise be able to. Interested? I thought you might be…
So what exactly is dropshipping? Put simply, it’s a process whereby you promote a number of products that are sold by a specific company. You don’t stock them yourself though; what happens is that when someone places an order they pay you directly, and then you will generally place an order for that item through the company’s website.

Sell Advertising Space On Your Car Or Trailer

Some of us like to make money without too much effort involved in the process – and this is certainly one of those ways that works very much like this. Once you have the initial work done all you have to do is go about your daily business as normal!
There are two ways you can go about this, but whichever way you decide on there are several things that are worth remembering. Firstly you will need to be out and about in your car quite often for it to be worth doing, and secondly you will need to keep your car or trailer looking as good as possible all the time.
Selling advertising space on your car is a great way to bring in some extra money every month. Considering you are out and about anyway you are really getting paid to do something you already do.

Run Your Own Affiliate Program

We’ve talked about the possibility of being an affiliate for other websites and earning a percentage of every sale you refer to them. But have you ever considered doing it the other way around?
The truth is that if you can get your own army of affiliates to bring in sales for you, you will cut your advertising costs considerably – and you could well make more money too.
But how do you decide what subject to build your website around? And how do you supply the products so your affiliates have something to sell?
Okay so you want to build a website and essentially get other people to advertise it for you, in exchange for a percentage of the profits from each sale. What do you think would be the easiest thing to sell?
Simple – information.

Open An Internet Café In Your Local Area

As hard as it may be to believe, not everyone has access to the internet – and even those that do may go on vacation and need to check their emails for some reason.
All of which opens up the possibility of providing that service for them in an internet café. This is a business idea that obviously requires quite a large injection of cash to get it going – after all you need to provide internet access, computers, premises and so on. You could find a partner to do this with, but either way if you have the cash to put into a project like this, it might be worth thinking about in more depth.
The first thing to think about is where you are going to situate your internet café. You will of course be restricted to whichever premises are available, and it’s normally worth spending some time finding the best possible location, since if your café is somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of footfall going past, you won’t do as well as you would in a prime location.

Open A Coin Operated Laundromat

This is one of those opportunities that takes some capital to get it started (although perhaps not as much as you might think), but it reaps the rewards as soon as you get those doors open to the public.
There are several ways to make it pay even better as well, and if you put some thought into it you will certainly be on the road to a decent profit. Better yet, if you are looking for a business that will pay you a residual income once you have set it up – meaning that it is pretty much ‘hands off’ money – then you have come to the right place.
Location, location, location – that’s where it all begins. You will need to find a shop space to rent that you can turn into a Laundromat, and the location you choose is essential to how successful your new small business could be.

Open A Coffee Cart Or Kiosk

Most people jump at the chance for a great cup of coffee, and if they see a stall, kiosk or cart serving up coffee at a decent price, they’ll leap at the chance. The smell of coffee is enough to win most people over!
So it stands to reason that opening a cart or kiosk can make you a decent amount of money if you do it right. Even if you don’t actually like coffee yourself, you’ll be providing a much needed and appreciated service to a lot of other people in your area.
And you don’t have to go it alone either.
Opening a coffee cart or kiosk isn’t one of the cheapest start up businesses you could choose. You obviously need to have the equipment and resources to be able to open up for business, and even if you lease them it will still cost you some money.
There is also the problem of trying to compete with other already well established – and well known – businesses, but you can get in on the act by going for a franchise.

Offer Marketing Services To Offline Businesses

As hard as it may be to believe, there are still some businesses out there that don’t have an online presence. But they don’t all want or need a huge website with complicated ordering processes, yet that is often what all the best design companies are offering.
The main reason for many businesses to get online is to raise their profile and attract more customers – and that is exactly what you can offer them. You don’t even need to be a web designer either; the main idea here is to do things for them that they cannot do themselves.
And that is where the money making opportunity lies.
There is a lot of potential here to offer a lot of services to businesses who don’t yet have an online presence.

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