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How to Make Money from Programming

Are you a programmer looking to make some money from your hard earned programming skills? Whether you are skilled at C/C++, Java, flash or can build professional websites from scratch or even like to make some games on the side, there are numerous freelance programming work opportunities online. Even if you have a full time software design job, you could find something that you could accomplish quickly and make some extra money.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need:
Programming Skills

How to Make Money by typing online at home

While no work at home or other money making venture is easy, it doesn't have to cost you any money to get started earning some real cash. You never need to pay anything to continue and, you really CAN earn a real passive income!

Yes, You CAN even, earn money while spending time with the kids, while on vacation, even sleeping!

How to Make Money Processing Credit Card

Most businesses accommodate electronic payments in addition to traditional cash payments. Additionally, many people now prefer to shop online and pay using their credit cards. You can take advantage of this by offering credit card processing as your business or as a part of your services. You can thus make money and sell your goods at the same time.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need:
Credit card processor
Bank account
Operating Your Own Credit Card Processing Business

How to Make Money on Craigslist

Selling items on Craigslist is a great way to make money from things you have around your home. It's becoming a popular way to shop as listings are available for most cities across the US. Craigslist is especially nice because it is free to and you do not have to go to the post office, the buyer comes to you, unlike EBAY or Amazon. Here are some tips for successfully selling your merchandise on Craigslist.

Difficulty: Easy



Go to Craigslist and create an account. Then find your location by using the location links on the right hand side of the page.

How to Make Money in a Recession

Are you wondering just how to make money in a recession? Whether you are self-employed, work for a small business or part of a large corporation, there are some basic principles that will help you survive a recession and even profit from one. While money is tighter during a recession, there is still money to be made if you know how. Even if you have a stable job, it's wise to look for a secondary source of income to provide for increased expenses and add to your financial security. Here's how to make money in a recession.


Make Money in a Recession

How to Make Money Online as a Abstract Writer

Abstract writing has become another lucrative source for making money online. Abstract writing is a writing method for which you write summaries and reviews about a product, service, website or company. An abstract is also a short summary of a personal review on any of the above. The reason that abstract writing has become so lucrative is because it does not take long to write a abstract and most abstract writing companies payout 50% of the revenue to you through Google Adsense

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need:
Internet service
Personal email

How to Make Money With New Amazon Associates For Blogger: It's a Snap Read more: How to Make Money With New Amazon Associates F

Your Friend WebWoof here, back to bark about how Amazon's new Amazon Associates For Blogger is helping to make my new Dog Blog,, a tail-thumping success! On my Blogger site, WoofCalls, I take pen in paw, using my Canine expertise to recommend Dog-related books and products. I use Amazon Product Finder to quickly add affiliate links and images to my blog post without leaving the blog posting page. Lots of friendly Readers follow the links from my blog posts right to my main site, It's doggone simple to set up and use Amazon Associates for Blogger! Here's how:

Adsense for Feeds – I’m panicking, but don’t panic.

I signed up for the conversion of my feed to Adsense for Feeds a little while back and finally got my notice yesterday that it was ready to go -


As you requested, we have moved your feeds from your FeedBurner account to your — Google Account.

Nice! I thought…

Until I noticed a RSS subscriber drop of around 6-700 today!

Protect your WordPress blog content with RSS Footer

Every blogger who has been around in the blogging scene for at least a while will know of this scenario. You spend ages preparing and writing a blog post, making it as useful and informative as possible. You throw in links and screenshots and you’re feeling good. You finally hit the publish button and watch it hit the front page of your blog. You’re high-fiving the dog and feeling proud of your creation…..then a scraper promptly steals your post and uses it themselves.

Google advertises on Facebook – so what?

There’s a piece on VentureBeat about how Google is doing “an end-run” around Microsoft’s advertising deal with Facebook, by placing Adsense ads on the popular social networking site. But my initial reaction to the news is “so what?”.

pinoy movies - filipino movies Microsoft and Facebook recently signed a deal which places Microsoft Ad Center links on Facebook so some might see Google’s Adsense ads also being there as being just a bit on the cheeky side.

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