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Make Money With Party Planning

If you are a sociable person and you like the idea of playing host to make some extra cash, then think about getting into a business which offers the chance to make money via party planning.
Not only is it a great way to earn money, it’s also a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening that doesn’t seem much like working! There are plenty of opportunities about so make sure you explore the market thoroughly before choosing the one that appeals to you the most. Don’t forget you will essentially be selling face to face, so if you don’t have any enthusiasm or confidence in the products, you won’t sell too many of them.
Want to know more? Read on for a more detailed look inside this business.

Make Money With Multiple Automated Content Blogs

As we have already seen, blogs can make you money. If you pick a good subject and publish content to it regularly – monetizing it too as we found out in our previous entry on how to make money blogging – then you can make a nice income from it.
But although some people do indeed make a real full time (and very decent) income by keeping and maintaining a single blog, other people use the multiplication route to achieve success. This is arguably the easier way to do it, since getting one blog to reach the levels of success needed to really cash in can be very difficult.
Here’s how to do it.
You can make various amounts of money by writing a single blog, but for the purposes of this example let’s say you’ve created a good one that earns you $100 a month. If you create another nineteen of those then you’ve got a nice monthly income of $2000.

Make Money With Local Business Premium Mailers

Most businesses want to promote themselves in the best possible way. A half hearted attempt at a promotion can do more harm than good, so there is clearly a market for professionally printed designs, leaflets and brochures that tell the customer exactly what they can expect from that business.
Could you provide a service that helps businesses enhance their reputation and profits in your local area? There are three main ways you can do this, and you could even extend your service way beyond local businesses to include plenty of others over the entire country…
An outstanding website is the key to running a business like this successfully. If you are offering a premium product to promote someone’s business, your own site needs to be of just as good quality.

Make Money With Domain Tasting

If you see a new kind of food and you’re not sure if you’re going to like it or not, you’ll normally taste it to see if it works for you. If it does, you buy it.
Domain tasting works in exactly the same way. Essentially it gives you a chance to see how successful a domain name is likely to be before hanging onto it for any real length of time.
This gives you a unique chance to test the waters before diving in and trying to make a money making site out of any one domain name. By trying it out first you will know exactly which domains are going to make you any real money.
When you ‘taste’ a domain you generally buy it for five days. Obviously you shouldn’t just buy any old domain name to begin with; you should still do your research to see which names are likely to work well for you.

Make Money With Craigslist

Just in case you haven’t stumbled across this website yet, Craigslist is the basic looking but extremely popular website that has classified adverts for virtually everything you could think of.
As such it offers a number of ways that you can make money – all you need to do is get your thinking cap on and decide what way would work best for you. The vast majority of adverts are free to post, making this a great way to get in touch with people and offer services and products for sale.
With a little creative thinking you could soon join the band of people who are making a nice income from advertising on Craigslist.
One of the best ways to make money with this website is to think about what services you can offer to other people. The beauty of Craigslist is that there are separate parts of the website for each country and area, so you are sure to find one near you that would be ideal for posting your advert to.

Make Money With Collectables

Who doesn’t love collectables? Truth is, there is a huge market for them and if you know what sells and where to get it from, it’s not rocket science to be able to flip it for a profit.
Knowledge is the key to success here – the term ‘collectables’ covers a lot of ground and so you need to decide which area you are going to concentrate on. By specializing in a particular area you are far more likely to make a lot of money by selling them, since you will know exactly what to buy in the first place.
Let’s find out more.
So which area of collectables should you pick? It could be that there is a particular area of collectables that appeals to you over all the others for some reason, or it could simply be that you have stumbled over a particular type that seems to sell really well.

Make Money With A Topical Article Directory

Have you ever heard of article directories? If you have you’ll know they are stuffed full of articles on all kinds of subjects. They are also available for free so that anyone can download articles to put on their own websites.
So how exactly can you make money with one of these sites? After all if you’re not charging authors to list their content with you and no one is paying for it, there wouldn’t seem to be any actual money in it… would there?
Article directories are one of the best ways to get seen online. By writing and submitting lots of articles relating to your own particular business niche you will gain a great amount of exposure – and if you decide to run your own site you will get many more benefits as well.

Make Money With A Retail Website

Selling goods online has been the route to success for many a small business that started on the kitchen table. The beauty of this money making idea is that you can start off as small as you like and build up as and when you have the funds to do so.
But don’t you have to have pots of cash to get started and you don’t need to clear out the spare room to make way for all the stock either. Read on to find out how it’s done from scratch.
So what would you like to sell? Whatever your interests are you can bet there are other people out there who want to buy items related to those interests, and those are the people you need to reach with your website.

Make Money With A Local Business Directory

If you like the idea of making some money offline then this idea could be for you. If you have ever needed to call on the services of a local business of any type then you will know how difficult it can be to find someone trustworthy and reliable exactly when you need them.
This is where you come in. If you can create a directory of local businesses to distribute around your local area you can potentially make a lot of money in doing so. And there are several different ways you can go about it.
Most of us have moved home at some point and when it comes to settling in and finding the local services that we need it can be tricky. If only someone was there and waiting with a list of local services and businesses that everyone needs at some time or another.

Make Money Using Expired Domains To Set Up Pay Per Post Blogs

Expired domains can mean big money for you if you know which ones to look for. But there is more than one way to make money from them, and starting a blog is one of the best ones when it comes to attracting traffic and making money from it.
But how do you get started? You’ll be pleased to know it’s fairly easy to get going, and once you’re used to the process you can set up more than one blog to really rake in the cash.
So you want to make money blogging? This is one of the best ways to do it. Firstly you need to look for an expired domain (we’ll assume you’re going to set up a single blog here, although once you’ve gone through the process once you’ll be setting up more in no time). These are easy to find – all you need to do is type ‘how to find expired domains’ into a search engine and you’ll get plenty of results for websites that allow you to search for a specific keyword for free.

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