The Least Expensive Cities to Live in the World

Life is relatively expensive in North America and Europe compared to many places in the world. Many people who have earned money in the expensive parts of the world take advantage of this imbalance and move to one of the cheaper places to make their money go farther. Remember before you move that many cheap places are cheap for a reason: they may lack many amenities and comforts that a person from a wealthy country considers necessities.

Islamabad, Pakistan
Islamabad is a teeming city of over 1 million people located in the north of Pakistan. It is Pakistan's capital and cultural center. Moving to Islamabad from a place like North America is not for the faint of heart; while the exchange rate will make life very cheap for anyone bringing U.S. dollars with them, the pace of life and the standards of personal space may be unfamiliar to someone accustomed to North America. If you are interested in experiencing life in a truly foreign place, and want to stretch your dollars as far as they will go, you can't do better than Islamabad.

Managua, Nicaragua
Nicaragua has not had an easy time of it. Oppressed by the dictator Somoza for years, then suffering violence and civil war through the 1980s after Somoza's overthrow, Nicaragua has known a great deal of suffering. Partly because of these difficulties and its shaky economy, you can live in its capital city, Managua, for very little money. Managuans tend to be quite reserved people, but are helpful when you need it, particularly if you speak reasonable Spanish. Because of the widespread poverty, many people would be willing to rent out a room in their house to a foreigner, the rent being little to you but a huge amount to them. You will not find Managua to be a comfortable city by North American standards, but it is a very interesting one.

Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi may be the perfect example of what makes a cheap city. Due to political unrest, threats of terrorism and high crime rates, it is not a safe city to live in, particularly for foreigners. Utilities are unreliable, and life can be fairly uncomfortable. However, if cheap is what you are looking for, Karachi may be your kind of place.