5 Free Things You Need To Stop Paying For Immediately

The best things in life are free. While this statement usually refers to the intangibles like love, faith, respect and loyalty, there are other awesome things in life that you don’t really need to shell out money for. Here, we give you the lowdown:
1. Exercise
Gym rats may argue that the exorbitant fees they pay can serve as an incentive to work out. You don’t want to waste all that precious money that’s going to be billed on your credit card monthly anyway, so…might as well go. Well, here’s some alternative motivation for you: staving off a future heart attack, more energy to play with your kids, going up the stairs without having a full blown asthma attack, warding off depression, and of course a pretty nice looking body.
Instead of using a treadmill, get some fresh air and run around your village.

2. Books
These days, libraries are often overlooked because of the pervasive (but wrong) idea that they are old, musty and dark. But a lot of libraries have gotten with the times, and have updated their database with high tech systems. So get yourself a library card and check out excellent titles to stick your nose in.
Another great option is Project Gutenberg. It’s a website that offers ebooks that you can download for free LEGALLY because their copyright has expired and has therefore been placed back in the public domain.
Of course your bookworm friends are another source of free books. Borrow a book, treat it nice then make sure to give it back once you’re done.
3. Music
For music, there’s always YouTube with its unlimited play potential.
But have you heard of Spotify? It’s a music streaming service provider that allows you access to literally millions of songs. There are also websites that offer free downloads by indie musicians so they can get exposure and manage their tunes without being controlled by record labels. Check out Noise Trade, Reverb Nation and Last.fm.
One note though: these are artists who give their heart, soul, time and money to create music we love. Once you come across a song that you really dig, do pay up. We need to support these musicians so they can continue providing us the soundtrack to our lives.
4. SMS and Calls
Granted, there are a lot of really sulit promo deals on text and calls for Smart, Sun and Globe. But free always trumps cheap. Take your pick of mobile chat applications like Viber and WhatsApp. They even offer cool features like doodles and animated messages of talking bunnies. It’s just a matter of convincing your loved ones to download those same apps so you can contact them for free. You’re going to need wifi for this, of course.
5. Education
Education is the best investment you could ever make. Investing in your professional development can do wonders for your career. Well, thanks to the internet, there are several education platforms available where you can take courses to enrich yourself for free. The willing learner can study anything from Behavioural Economics to Spanish Language Lessons. Here’s a quick rundown:
Open Culture
Khan Academy
We hope you make the best out of the savings you’ll get from these free items. Put it in your piggy bank, invest it in the stock market, pay off your credit card, do anything that will contribute to your financial freedom. Like we said, the best things in life are free!