10 Hobbies that Make Money

Everyone wants to earn extra money, whether it is so they can go that exotic vacation or to buy a second car, there are many ways that people make money just from their hobbies alone. There are many hobbies that can people can turn into a worthwhile and profitable and business. Not all hobbies can be profitable but there are some that can really make the money roll in. Listed below are the top ten hobbies that can give you the chance to earn extra money.
10. Shopping
Who doesn’t love to shop and what is more fun than turning your love of shopping into a job that enables you to earn money instead of spending it. If you have an eye for fashion and can shop both while on a budget and with unlimited amounts of money then you may be interested in becoming a personal shopper. The job of a personal shopper mostly involves picking and buying clothes for people who are unable to do it for themselves.

In other stances it involves buying groceries or picking up deliveries for people. You will not be expected to spend your own money but instead you will use the other people’s money and then charge a fee for your services. In some areas people who work as personal shoppers can earn upwards of twenty dollars an hour.
9. Dog Walking
Are you an animal lover? Do you have dogs of your own that you walk on a daily basis and love doing so? If this is the case then why not add a few dogs to your walking routine. People who own dogs but spend a great deal away from home or working do not always have enough time to walk their dogs but would instead be willing to pay someone else to do so. People are willing to pay at least fifteen dollars and hour to have someone walk their dog.
8. Baking and decorating
Some people bake. This is just something they love to do and do not consider themselves talented in any way but baking and decorating such things as cakes does require a skill and talent and there is plenty of money to be made from this hobby. People are always looking for a cake, cookies or cupcakes for many different occasion and people who cannot do this themselves are often willing to pay a great deal to have someone else do it .

7. Professional Organizer
Do you have a knack for organizing small spaces, offices and houses? If you do then you could start your own business where people who lack your organization skills will be willing to pay you to do it for them. One of the prime candidates looking for a person to organize a space are real estate agents who are trying to sell houses and they have someone come in a make the house look more presentable.
6. Music teacher
Can you play a musical instrument and possess the ability to teach others to do so? If this is the case then you might want to consider opening your own music lesson company where you charge people who want to learn from you. You can make upwards of fifteen to twenty dollars an hour depending on what types of instruments you play.
5. Sports Coach
Do you have a talent playing a sport or sports? Then why not turn this talent into money by getting a job working as sports coach for an athletic team. This can be very profitable especially if you have some expertise in more than one area of sports.
4. Crafts
Are you a crafty person who can turn anything into a project? If this is the case then you have the ability to make a considerable amount of money from your craftiness. You can create handcrafted items and sell them online or at craft fairs or markets. You would be surprised at how many people are willing to pay top dollars for a handmade craft.
3. Freelance writing
Do you find yourself writing about different topics in your journal or just for fun and wish that you could turn your love of writing into a business that gives you extra money each month? Well now you can. You can become a freelance writer that is hired to do different writing jobs for owners of websites or companies looking to publish articles. There are sites online that are dedicated to advertising for writers and it here that you can find a number of well-paying jobs.
2. Photography
Some people possess the natural ability to take great photos and if you are one of these people you can start your own photography company. People who are looking to have their photos taken at an affordable price do not care if you have professional training; all they care about is whether or not the photos look good.
1. Designing a Webpage
Do you have a natural ability to look at a web page and figure out what would look good and what does not? Have you ever considered working as a web design professional? This is a great way to make money and you can determine your own hours if you choose to work as a freelance web designer.